PLM Interest Group


Welcome to the PLMIG

The PLM Interest Group provides neutral tools and knowledge; managed programmes to achieve PLM excellence; and leadership to raise the aspirations of the PLM industry.


PLM User Initiative

Take part in User events that provide a platform for PLM Managers to come together to share ideas and best practices; join the new Community; and help develop the 'Voice of the User'.


PLM Toolsets

PLMIG toolsets are the instruction books for PLM. They embody most comprehensive and advanced set of neutral working methodologies for PLM.



PLM Knowledge


The PLMIG is all about useful, accurate, detailed PLM knowledge.  Knowledge that is formulated into structures you can understand and use.  And the PLMIG is all about improvement: addressing the barriers and complexities that can make PLM so difficult to apply effectively, and leading change so that the industry gets better for everyone.

Choose Your Subject


In its 15 years of existence the PLMIG has generated a vast amount of neutral knowledge, tools and guidance for PLM practitioners.  Choose a theme from the list below and follow the links.    { See the full page >>> }



General Information


Basic information about PLM.



Early Adoption


Getting started and early development.



Management Techniques


Managing the real PLM implementation.



PLM Toolsets


PLM manuals and handbooks to help carry out the most important tasks of PLM Managers.



User Initiative


Work with PLM Managers from other user companies and help change the User-Vendor dialogue.



Advanced PLM


High-end approaches to PLM.



Financial Facts & Figures


Calculate the $// costs and benefits of your current implementation and future plans.



Active Support


Active intervention to improve your implementation.



Site Map


Find subjects by name.



Use the Tools


When you get to a critical point in your implementation, you do not want to have to re-invent the wheel.  PLMIG Toolsets have been developed from years of workshops and embody the wisdom and experience of the many PLM practitioners who contributed.

See the tools >>>



Membership Options


There are 3 Membership options to cover the varying ranges of involvement from use of the tools through to direct corporate support.  Tools and journals can also be purchased from the Store.