PLM Interest Group


Welcome to the PLMIG

The PLM Interest Group has developed the most comprehensive and advanced set of working methodologies for PLM, and provides the only PLM toolsets that can take the PLM Team from initial adoption to corporate implementation.  


Class A PLM

Excellence in PLM has always been a vague and distant concept.  The PLMIG now has a programme that can achieve Class A PLM and demonstrate advanced performance.


PLM Toolsets

PLMIG toolsets do not require the input of external advisors.  These are the instruction books for PLM. You can pick up the tools and use them for yourself.


                 Metrics and KPIs


The PLM Team can now prove to everybody, with clear, quantified metrics, that the PLM implementation is of real benefit to the company.

The PLM Justification Handbook shows you how to deconstruct abstract "PLM Benefits" and process them into real metrics.

The methodology is straightforward, thorough, and can be applied in any industry.

Once factual metrics have been established, PLM management becomes much easier.  Tracking the benefits becomes a formal activity of monitoring the metrics that have been assigned; correcting any errors in measurement; considering the causes of under- or over-performance; and re-planning for the next project iteration.

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