PLM Interest Group


Welcome to the PLMIG

The PLM Interest Group has developed the most comprehensive and advanced set of working methodologies for PLM, and provides the only PLM toolsets that can take the PLM Team from initial adoption to corporate implementation.  


Professional PLM

The PLM industry may be starting to take steps to establish itself as a profession.  The PLMIG is coordinating the discussions, and you can see the current progress via the links below.


PLM Toolsets

PLMIG toolsets do not require the input of external advisors.  These are the instruction books for PLM. You can pick up the tools and use them for yourself.


                       Steering Group


If PLM is to become more professional, this will be a sea change for the industry as a whole.  

Such an important change cannot be achieved without high-level support and guidance.  A Steering Group of major PLM user and provider organisations is therefore needed.

Before the Steering Group can be formed, there needs to be a discussion process between the leading PLM exponents who might become its members.  These 'Round Table' discussions have now started.

When the Steering Group scope and remit have been agreed, and a quorum of members has been reached, then the Group will begin its work.

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