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PLM Delivery


The fundamental premise of the PLM Delivery initiative is that users should get what they pay for when they implement PLM.


This ought to be a natural outcome of the purchase process, but the proposal can seem more like a promise than a commitment.

A corporate PLM spend can run into millions of dollars. Everyone will gain if it can clearly be shown that the spend is worthwhile.


Do You Get What You Pay For?


A good starting point is to understand how much PLM actually costs. Because there is no common knowledge about how much companies should spend on PLM, many user companies may be spending a lot more than they need to. When PLM under-performs there are many additional costs and overheads, either in hard cash or in lost productivity. Users start to believe that these are unavoidable.

The aim of the PLMIG is to open this subject up, so that the actual costs and benefits of PLM can be clearly understood.


An End To Doubt


A key feature that makes all of this possible is that the method of calculating the figures now exists, by means of the PLM Project Justification methodology.  This means that there is no more need for 'guesswork', and no need to abandon 'qualitative' metrics just because they seem too difficult to deal with.

Devising new PLM projects can now be an exact science, rather than an act of faith.


The New PLM Delivery Handbook


The key to this is the new PLM Delivery Handbook.  This embodies the first ever neutral methodology for users and vendors to collaborate on defining quantified delivery targets; and also addresses the business and contractual issues that must be overcome.

The Handbook was created from the first ever PLM Delivery Workshop, run by the PLMIG in November 2015, with a comprehensive agenda that covered all of the technical and business issues.  The results have been structured into a straightforward 7-Step methodology that can be followed by the user and vendor in partnership.

Download the Handbook Data Sheet >>>


Find Out More

The PLM Delivery Handbook is now available as part of the PLMIG Membership material.

You can request more information about the Handbook, or about any other aspect of the initiative, via .

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