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PLMIG announces a new on-site process to confirm Executive Support for PLM


Oxford, England. May 18, 2016
It is well known that PLM needs 'Executive Support' if it is to be implemented to its full potential.
Every PLM Team should be able to make a comprehensive case for PLM development that will gain top management support if it is not already there.
The PLMIG has formalised a new Executive Support Programme that not only makes the case, but follows through over a 6-month timeframe to ensure that the support is achieved.
A feature of the Executive Support programme is that the PLM Team can define at the outset what level of support should be achieved, and the specific stakeholders who should be involved.
This enables the PLM Team to embed PLM into senior management thinking, and make the case for new PLM improvements in a way that they will find easy to understand and approve.
The Executive Support programme is based on accuracy and precision, and the analysis tools for metrics and roadmapping are comprehensive and effective.  The resulting proposals are aligned with business needs as they are perceived at the most senior management level.
Details can be found on the PLMIG web site, and more information can be requested via .
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