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PLMIG calls for Views on the State of PLM


Oxford, England. October 18, 2016
The rush of enthusiasm for new ideas such as Industrie 4.0 and IoT draws attention away from the some of the core aims and principles of PLM. These new concepts may be the path to a new age of manufacturing, or they may be a bandwagon that nobody can get off.
The answer to this question is important for future investment in PLM by user companies. Once a discipline becomes viewed as "obsolete", (as happened to BPR and TQM, for example), then it never recovers.
The PLMIG, in partnership with the PLM Institute in Geneva, is therefore calling for the views of PLM practioners from across the PLM spectrum on the current 'State of PLM'.
This may show that everything is in good order. If it shows that more debate is needed, the PLMIG may arrange an industry meeting towards the end of November.
There is more information on the PLMIG web site, or comments can be made directly via .
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