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PLMIG and the PLM Institute uncover a potential PLM 'Schism'


Oxford, England. November 02, 2016
When the PLMIG and the PLM Institute in Geneva called for views about the current 'State of PLM' (MCADCafe Oct. 18), there were some very swift responses.
Initial reaction, from Europe and the USA, showed a 50:50 split between two diametrically opposing views. Half the respondents felt that PLM is the platform on which new digital improvements should be constructed - but for the other half, PLM is now just a component part of a more important Digital Revolution.
If this is confirmed by further research then PLM is heading for a 'Schism', such as happens when factions within a Church divide into two camps. In 5 year's time the PLM world may be split between those who regard PLM as the fundamental platform for modern product development: and the remainder, who see the world in terms of digitised interconnection.
This would have major consequences for PLM Planning, Strategy, and Training. Those who are in the 'PLM' camp may find themselves increasingly isolated when bidding to run new projects. In companies that follow the 'Digital Revolution' ethos, there may eventually be no voice for PLM at all.
The debate continues with more poll questions on the PLMIG web site, and comments can be made directly via .
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