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PLMIG calls for views on whether PLM should establish itself as a Profession


Oxford, England. June 07, 2017
For many years, PLM Managers have been undervalued.  Colleagues do not understand the complexity and importance of the role.  Senior management seems largely unaware of the benefits that PLM brings to the business.
This is hardly surprising.  There are no recognised qualifications for PLM, so there is no external visibility of PLM skills or competence.  For those starting out in PLM, there is no formal career path, and no actual definition of what a 'PLM Manager' should know.  Companies that hire external consultants or advisers or contract staff cannot tell how well those staff are qualified.
For those who have invested their career in PLM, in whatever role, this is not a positive environment.
One answer would be to develop PLM into a recognised profession, and there are initiatives that are moving in this direction.  Whilst many may see this as a good move, it raises many issues that need to be discussed.
This debate has now started, and is summarised on the PLMIG web site.  There are starting contributions from Volkswagen Group, Purdue University and CIMdata, and much more input is needed.  The web page asks 6 questions, and PLM practitioners from all parts of the industry are invited to add their views.
You can also send your views via .
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