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PLMIG announces the Premise for Professional PLM


Oxford, England. July 10, 2017
The PLMIG has been providing a platform for PLM practitioners to debate whether PLM as a discipline should become more like a recognised profession.
In the initial discussions, some felt that PLM should be covered by existing professions, which should update themselves to include modern PLM aspects.  Others feel strongly that PLM is a specialism in its own right, and needs its own unique recognition.
The purpose of this initiative is to bring about change in the PLM industry, so a choice needs to be made.
To focus the debate in the direction most likely to produce action and improvement, we are now working to the following premise:-


  • PLM is a specialty in its own right;
  • of sufficient complexity that its practitioners should be certified to carry it out;
  • of sufficient value to the business world to warrant its being recognised as a Profession; and,
  • steps should be taken to establish that professional status.
The PLMIG is now exploring the possibility of running Workshops at which PLM practitioners can meet to agree the aims and parameters of PLM as a profession; and of forming a Steering Group of companies that will provide a central base of support and direction.
There is more information on the PLMIG web site, and you can input your views via .
The PLM Interest Group
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