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PLMIG announces the Statement of Intent for Professional PLM


Oxford, England. August 16, 2017
The discussions about how PLM could become more like a recognised profession have now been endorsed by PLM practitioners from 29 countries and over 80 user companies.
This has the potential to affect everyone working in PLM.
If PLM professionalism can be established in 29 countries, then global engineering and manufacturing companies can be confident in staffing their PLM projects almost anywhere around the world.  As individuals, it will help PLM practitioners to move forward through a structured, widely-respected career path.
To build on this early platform the PLMIG has produced a simple 'Statement of Intent' Form.  PLM practitioners from any type of company, in any country, can send in a Form to make their voice heard, and show support for these changes to industry leaders.
The completed Forms will produce, for the first time, a picture of how far Professional PLM could reach around the world.  Everyone who sends in a Form will receive a compilation of the results, including the direct comments and feedback.
A full breakdown of the initial response is available on the PLMIG web site, together with an explanation of the Statement of Intent Form itself.
The PLM Interest Group
The PLM Interest Group is the leading neutral body for PLM. It has produced the PLM Project Justification Handbook for PLM financial justification; the PLMuERP Handbook for enterprise-wide PLM-ERP integration; as well as tools for Benchmarking, Maturity Measurement and Self-Assessment.

Although it produces a wide range of toolsets for PLM, the PLM Interest Group does not provide training courses or certification. As such, the PLMIG can offer a neutral and independent platform for this discussion.

More Information
For more information, please contact:
Roger Tempest
tel: [UK] 1865 880495

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