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PLMIG announces participation options for Professional PLM


Oxford, England. September 13, 2017
Over the course of the next 18 months the Professional PLM Initiative will generate all of the working material and documentation needed to establish a new profession. This will include:-

  • Definition of PLM roles and skill sets. These will help with recruitment and retention of staff, help new managers move into PLM, and enable PLM Managers to move onwards to more senior roles in other disciplines.

  • Standard material for HR.  HR departments will have clear definitions of how PLM roles fit into the wider organisation, at all levels from graduate to VP.

  • Development of criteria for certification of PLM skills and experience.
    Vendors and integrators will be able to demonstrate the calibre of their staff on client proposals.

  • Definition of outline PLM training curricula, leading to global consistency in PLM education and training.

  • Identification of KPIs for PLM activity, leading to the ability to prove good performance.
PLM practitioners can now take part in the Initiative in two ways.
With the Correspondence Package, the participant receives all of the deliverables as they are created, and can write back with feedback about changes he or she would like to see. As an Associate, the participant receives and can comment on the documentation while it is still at the draft stage.
Either option means that the participant receives a steady stream of new deliverables through to the end
of 2018; can put them to immediate use; and can influence the direction of the new profession at the same time.
The PLM Interest Group
The PLM Interest Group is the leading neutral body for PLM. It has produced the PLM Project Justification Handbook for PLM financial justification; the PLMuERP Handbook for enterprise-wide PLM-ERP integration; as well as tools for Benchmarking, Maturity Measurement and Self-Assessment.

Although it produces a wide range of toolsets for PLM, the PLM Interest Group does not provide training courses or certification. As such, the PLMIG can offer a neutral and independent platform for this discussion.

More Information
For more information, please contact:
Roger Tempest
tel: [UK] 1865 880495

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