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Professional PLM Initiative forms Round Table and invites more to join


Oxford, England. November 21, 2017
If PLM is to become more professional, and is to be recognised as such, this will be a profound change for the PLM industry as a whole.
Such a fundamental change cannot be achieved without high-level support and guidance.  A Steering Group of major PLM user and provider organisations is therefore needed.
Before the Steering Group can be formed, there needs to be a discussion process between the leading PLM exponents who might become its members.  These 'Round Table' discussions are now starting.
PLM practitioners from 8 countries so far have agreed to take part in the Round Table, and the Initiative is inviting more to join them.  The Round Table is open to all types of organisation, and from any country.  The discussions are a chance to add your views to the debate about the long-term future of PLM.
Full details and the link to join the Round Table are on the PLMIG web site.
The PLM Interest Group
The PLM Interest Group is the leading neutral body for PLM. It has produced the PLM Project Justification Handbook for PLM financial justification; the PLMuERP Handbook for enterprise-wide PLM-ERP integration; as well as tools for Benchmarking, Maturity Measurement and Self-Assessment.

Although it produces a wide range of toolsets for PLM, the PLM Interest Group does not provide training courses or certification. As such, the PLMIG can offer a neutral and independent platform for this discussion.

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