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Professional PLM - How to Participate


Developments over the past twelve months have shown the demand for Professional PLM, and the improvements that a Professional PLM Initiative could achieve.


The Initiative is working toward the formation of a new "PLM Professional" organisation, but that will take time to set up.

We are therefore offering a more practical way to move forward - one that enables PLM practitioners to get the benefits of professionalisation as early as possible.


This approach leverages the groundswell of support that has been generated by the discussions so far.  It starts by giving a key role to the PLM practitioners who want the benefits of more professionalism.  In return for their support and direction-setting, they receive useful tools and material that help them with their PLM.



New PLM Deliverables

The Professional PLM Initiative will generate a complete set of deliverables to establish a well-defined, internationally-recognised professional structure.  These include:-


Fundamentals of Professionalism. How to act in a professional way as a PLM practitioner.
Definition of PLM roles and skill sets. These will help with recruitment and retention of staff, help new managers move into PLM, and enable PLM Managers to move onwards to more senior roles in other disciplines.
Body of Knowledge. Definition of the core knowledge required for the various PLM practitioner roles.
Maturity and Metrics.  Identification of KPIs for PLM activity, leading to the ability to prove good performance.
Development of criteria for certification of PLM skills and experience. Vendors and integrators will be able to demonstrate the calibre of their staff on client proposals. 
Definition of outline PLM training curricula, leading to global consistency in PLM education and training.

The full set of material is shown on the PLM Deliverables Page.  By taking part in one of the four ways below, you can see, comment on and make use of the new material to professionalise your own implementation as the wave of improvement continues.



Ways to Participate

There are 4 ways of participating in the Professional PLM Initiative, offering a range of levels of interaction.


Correspondence Package
Receive all of the deliverables as they are published.  Write back with suggestions for change or improvement, and correspond while these changes are enacted.
Receive the new material while it is still at the draft stage, and add input before it is first released.
Working Group
Actively support the new PLM profession by helping to produce the new material, adding direct input to the Initiative.
Steering Group
With other PLM industry leaders, be part of the high-level Steering Group that will provide guidance and direction to the Initiative.


Correspondence Package

With the Correspondence Package, you receive all of the deliverables, documents and specifications generated by the Professional PLM Initiative as soon as they are released.

This means that you can apply them to your own PLM environment at the earliest opportunity, creating a growing platform for improvement.  And 'Correspondence' is the key feature.  As you receive and apply the material, you can write in to give your feedback and suggestions for improvement.

These suggestions become part of the development programme, and will be incorporated in the iterations and new revisions of the material over the 15-month timeframe.

See the Datasheet for Correspondents and Associates >>>

  Correspondence Package  

Receive and send written feedback for all of the Professional PLM Initiative deliverables through to December 2019.


€900 / 825 / $1050


Download a Correspondence Form, or find out more via .





As an Associate, you become involved with the process of creating and modifying the Professional PLM deliverables before they are circulated on general release.

Becoming an Associate offers a more in-depth interaction, allowing you to review the drafts as they are in progress, and giving the earliest insights into the way that the Professional PLM Initiative is developing.

You receive all of the deliverables, documents and specifications generated by the Professional PLM Initiative in draft form initially; and then as soon as they are released.  This means that you can apply them to your own PLM environment at the earliest opportunity, creating a growing platform for improvement.

See the Datasheet for Correspondents and Associates >>>


Receive draft and released versions of the Professional PLM Initiative deliverables through to December 2019.


€1200 / 1100 / $1400


Download an Associate Form, or find out more via .




Working Group

Delegates at the Berlin Workshop formed themselves into a Working Group in order to continue providing input and support towards the formation of a new PLM Profession.

This Working Group is completely open, and operates in a Round Table format.  It is currently formalising its scope and way of working, and would like to expand in order to extend the range of its collective experience.

Obviously the current members of the Working Group have the insights gained from 3 days of participation in Berlin.  New members will need to be briefed and brought up to speed so that they will be at the same level. Membership of the Working Group has therefore been set at the same price as the Berlin Workshop fee, in order to cover the briefing and the ongoing running costs.


Join the Professional PLM Initiative Working Group.


€1950 / 1750 / $2275


More information can be requested via .




Steering Group

If PLM is to become more professional, this will be a sea change for the industry as a whole.  Such a change cannot be achieved without high-level support, to maintain momentum; and guidance, to ensure the best long-term outcome.

A Steering Group of major PLM user and provider organisations is the best way to provide this.

Initially, the Steering Group will provide oversight and direction as the new material and deliverables are developed, but as Professionalism gets closer the role becomes even more important.

It is likely that a brand new "PLM Professional" organisation, or governing body, will need to be formed, and this will need to be broad-based, neutral and commercially effective.  The Steering Group will manage this process and oversee the development of the international parameters and structure of the profession.


Join the Professional PLM Initiative Steering Group and provide high-level guidance and direction.


€10000 / 9000 / $11500


Download the Interest In Principle Form, and return it to .



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If PLM is ever to become a Profession, it will happen because PLM practitioners become tired of working in a discipline that is unrecognised and undefined, and participate in doing something positive to change the industry.

By participating in the Professional PLM Initiative, practitioners from every country and every type of organisation can be part of this change, becoming part of a community of good practice and benefiting from the new deliverables.

You can join the Steering Group or become a Correspondent or Associate by using the Forms above.  If you would like more information then contact Roger Tempest via .

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