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The Professional PLM Initiative is a collaborative, industry-wide movement to establish PLM as a profession.


Creating a well-structured, international profession for PLM will resolve many of the skills, career development and recognition issues currently faced by PLM practitioners.

Recent developments and a change of emphasis towards the 'Digital World' and IoT are also drawing attention away from PLM as a discipline, which may impact the future needs of engineering and manufacturing companies.


Resolving these issues for the good of the whole PLM industry needs the guidance of a Steering Group.



Role of the Steering Group

The Steering Group provides an independent, balanced, high-level viewpoint that represents the voice of the PLM industry around the globe.  Its bi-monthly meetings set the targets that drive the overall Initiative progress.  The collective knowledge and experience of its members maintains its direction.

The Steering Group must provide guidance on the most fundamental issues surrounding the Initiative, including the level of professionalism that is being aimed for.

The theme of the Initiative is Professional PLM, and the driver is the potential formation of a new Professional Body.  However, the PLM industry itself should decide the eventual degree of formalisation, and the Steering Group will provide that view.

There will only be one PLM profession, and it must encompass the needs of PLM practitioners wherever they are in the world, and whatever their role in PLM.  A multinational Steering Group can keep this in focus.

If there is to be a new PLM profession, it must meet the needs of the PLM industry now, and also in 10 and 20 years' time.  This must be achieved at a time when PLM itself may be evolving into a different discipline because of the pull towards a 'Digital World'.

The Steering Group must represent and make decisions on all of these views.



Steering Group Activities

The Steering Group has oversight of the entire Professional PLM Initiative programme through to December 2019, as shown in the Phasing.

In Phase 1 the Steering Group will review the Version 1.0 releases as they build into the set of standards and tools needed for a profession.  In Phase 2 the Group will advise on the Workshop format and locations as this material is expanded; and will review the conclusions that are to be drawn from the Workshop results.

In Phase 3 the Steering Group takes the lead in defining the new Professional Structure, and in setting up the new Professional Body if there is to be one.



Terms of Reference

The main parameters of the Steering Group are:-




Provide high-level drive and guidance to the Initiative. Steering Group funding provides the platform for PLMIG project management and material.



Provide oversight of Initiative progress and direction. Work in synergy with the International PLM Panel.

Mission Statement


"To guide the Professional PLM Initiative to lay the foundations for a PLM Professional Body to be established."



Initial quorum forms as a follow-on from the Networking Day. SG invites or approves new members as the Initiative develops.

Modus Operandi


Steering Group meets as required at members' premises. All working material is provided. SG agreed conclusions are actioned by the PLMIG.

Overall Aim


Drive the Initiative as far as defining the parameters of the new Professional Body. Assist in setting up the Professional Body. Then disband, or adopt a new PLM industry role such as Future PLM.



Networking Day

After the two Workshops in Germany had established the starting framework for a PLM profession, the next step was to hold the Professional PLM Networking Day.

This was a one-day networking event on 27 September, hosted by Waters Inc. at their UK headquarters, at which PLM practitioners could see the latest developments and add their input.

The group in Wilmslow shared many ideas, some of which can be seen on the Networking Day Results Page. They also confirmed the working structure of the Professional PLM Initiative, and the need for the Steering Group to be formed.  That process has now started.




Forming the Steering Group

The Wilmslow Networking Day agreed that the Steering Group should be formed, but it is not possible for companies to make an instant decision about joining - there needs to be time to consider the idea, and scope for internal discussion.

Also, everyone needs to know who else may be joining before making the decision.

Forming the Steering Group for the Professional PLM Initiative is therefore an interactive process.  The first step is for companies to register an Interest in Principle, using this Form.  There is no obligation or commitment at this stage, but returning the Form shows an interest in being part of the formation process.

The PLM Interest Group will collate the Forms and manage the introduction process.  There will then be a round of discussions, which may show the need for more supporting material.  When the structure and programme have been agreed, those who wish to join and become the de-facto Founder Members can complete their internal approval, and the Group will officially be formed.

Participation in the Steering Group is open to PLM practitioners from any organisation, in any role, from any country.  The fact that the first face-to-face meetings of the Initiative have been held in Germany and the UK means that the first Interest in Principle Forms have been circulated mainly to companies from those countries.

However, PLM needs a global profession, and the Steering Group must reflect that.  Companies from countries around the world are strongly encouraged to register an Interest in Principle and become part of this discussion process.




Join the Steering Group


Being on the Steering Group enables you to influence this initiative at an early stage to maximise benefits for your company and for the long-term good of the PLM industry.  Being involved in the formation discussions gives you a window into the benefits of a PLM profession and of how the industry might develop over the next few years.

To join the discussion process, send a completed Interest in Principle Form to .

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