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The Professional PLM Initiative is a collaborative, industry-wide movement to establish PLM as a profession.

Moving towards professionalism will be a significant step forward, and will change the way that PLM practitioners work.  Much of this change will be driven by PLM practitioners themselves as they participate in the Initiative as Correspondents or Associates, but there are also some very high-level issues to be addressed.


The Initiative is a response to the unstructured way that the PLM industry has developed over the past two decades, which has left many practitioners unable to convince colleagues and superiors of its value.


Recent developments and a change of emphasis towards the 'Digital World' and IoT are also drawing attention away from PLM as a discipline, which may impact the future needs of engineering and manufacturing companies.

Resolving these issues for the good of the whole PLM industry needs the guidance of a Steering Group.



Role of the Steering Group

The Steering Group provides an independent, balanced, high-level viewpoint that represents the voice of the PLM industry around the globe.

The Steering Group must provide guidance on the most fundamental issues surrounding the Initiative, including the level of professionalism that is being aimed for.

The theme of the Initiative is Professional PLM, and the driver is the potential formation of a new Professional Body.  However, the PLM industry itself should decide the eventual degree of formalisation, and the Steering Group will provide that view.

One of the many benefits of establishing a profession is the certification of those who are qualified, but this too raises many issues.  The needs of user companies to know the experience and calibre of the PLM practitioners they employ or hire on contracts must be balanced against the commercial pressures on vendors, integrators and advisors who work in this field.

There will only be one PLM profession, and it must encompass the needs of PLM practitioners wherever they are in the world, and whatever their role in PLM.  A multinational Steering Group can keep this in focus.

If there is to be a new PLM profession, it must meet the needs of the PLM industry now, and also in 10 and 20 years' time.  This must be achieved at a time when PLM itself may be evolving into a different discipline because of the pull towards a 'Digital World'.

The Steering Group must represent and make decisions on all of these views.



Steering Group Activities

The Steering Group has oversight of the entire Professional PLM Initiative programme through to December 2018, as shown in the Phasing.

In Phase 1 the Steering Group will review the Version 1.0 releases as they build into the set of standards and tools needed for a profession.  In Phase 2 the Group will advise on the Workshop format and locations as this material is expanded; and will review the conclusions that are to be drawn from the Workshop results.

In Phase 3 the Steering Group takes the lead in defining the new Professional Structure, and in setting up the new Professional Body if there is to be one.



Round Table Discussions

Before the Steering Group can be formed, there needs to be a discussion process between the leading PLM exponents who might become its members.  These 'Round Table' discussions have now begun.

A group of 42 PLM practitioners from 13 countries are now taking part in an email-based debate covering six main subject areas:-


Professional PLM:  The Discussion Agenda


1.    What is Professionalism, and how should it apply to PLM?

2.    PLM development and evolution over the next decade, and how the profession of
       the future will be affected.

3.    What are the needs of the PLM industry, and how can a profession address them?

4.    Roles, Grades and Career Progression for PLM practitioners.

5.    Standards, Assessment and Certification of PLM professionals.

6.    Using professionalism to achieve Advanced PLM.




Members of the Round Table receive opening statements on each Premise, and can send in comments and new ideas.  The comments are collated and updates are circulated to iterate the discussion.

PLM practitioners from all types of organisation and any country are welcome to take part in the Round Table discussions, with no obligation or commitment.



Round Table Workshop

The Round Table discussions are email-based, enabling any PLM practitioner in the world to take part.  However, this approach does not have the depth or flexibility of a face-to-face debate.

We have therefore held a 2-day, workshop-style meeting in Germany, featuring a contribution from one of the leading industrialists in the field of professionalising PLM.  This took place on 30-31 January 2018 at the Volkswagen Group Headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany.

Results from the Workshop are still being finalised, but you can see the format and Agenda on the Workshop Page.


See more details >>>


Join the Round Table


Being on the Steering Group enables you to influence this initiative at an early stage to maximise benefits for your company and for the long-term good of the PLM industry.  Full details of the planned Steering Group structure can be downloaded via the Steering Group Datasheet.

Before the Steering Group starts work, a great deal of discussion with leading peers of the PLM industry will take place in the 'Round Table'.  Participation in the Round Table discussions is without charge and carries no obligation.

If you would like to join in the Round Table discussions, then please let us know via .

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