PLM Interest Group


Professional PLM

The PLMIG is the driving force behind the Professional PLM Initiative, supporting the Steering Group and providing the deliverables for the Foundation Stage.


Class A PLM

Excellence in PLM has always been a vague and distant concept.  The PLMIG now has a programme that can achieve Class A PLM and demonstrate advanced performance.


PLM Toolsets

PLMIG toolsets do not require the input of external advisors.  These are the instruction books for PLM. You can pick up the tools and use them for yourself.


                    PLM Manager Tools


          PLM Benchmarking Handbook



Benchmarking Handbook

Self-Assessment Toolkit

Maturity Manual

PLM Manager's Handbook

Path to PLM

PLM Handbook for SMEs

PLMuERP Handbook

PLM-SCM Guidebook

Accountancy Overview

PLM Benchmarking Handbook

The PLM Benchmarking Handbook sets out a comprehensive methodology for benchmarking any number of PLM environments against each other.

It can be used to benchmark your own PLM implementation against that of a similar company; or used internally to benchmark the varying states of PLM development within different divisions of your corporation.

It allows for varying levels of detail, from high-level to deep drill-down; and can be used in any kind of organisation or industry.

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