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Welcome to the PLMIG

The PLM Interest Group has developed the most comprehensive and advanced set of working methodologies for PLM, and provides the only PLM toolsets that can take the PLM Team from initial adoption to corporate implementation.  


Class A PLM

Excellence in PLM has always been a vague and distant concept.  The PLMIG now has a programme that can achieve Class A PLM and demonstrate advanced performance.


PLM Toolsets

PLMIG toolsets do not require the input of external advisors.  These are the instruction books for PLM. You can pick up the tools and use them for yourself.


                    PLM Manager Tools


          Path to PLM



Benchmarking Handbook

Self-Assessment Toolkit

Maturity Manual

PLM Manager's Handbook

Path to PLM

PLM Handbook for SMEs

PLM-SCM Guidebook

Accountancy Overview

Q2 2011 PLMJ


The Path to PLM is a comprehensive PLM adoption framework that leads from the first decision to try to understand PLM, through to a fully-working implementation.

What sets it apart from any generic adoption methodology is that it allows you to commit to reaching a practical and effective first implementation within two years.

This can save years of wandering around trade shows and talking to vendors, trying to understand the subject.  Instead, everyone can see when PLM will arrive.

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