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PLM as a Profession


It is time for the PLM industry to establish a well-defined, internationally-recognised professional structure, and the Professional PLM Initiative has been formed to make this happen.


The PLMIG has supported and hosted the Initiative since its inception in 2017, to the point where it now has its own identity and web site.


You can keep up to date with the Initiative and get involved with its activities via the links below.



PLMIG Support


The current role of the PLMIG is to manage the Initiative to the point at which it reaches its critical mass and becomes self-supporting into the long-term future.

This drive toward a PLM Profession must be guided and directed by the Steering Group, with the PLMIG enacting its instructions and creating the extensive set of new working material that will be needed.  There may also need to be new Workshops or Networking Events, and the PLMIG has extensive experience in staging these.

In parallel with this the PLMIG is staging its Class A PLM Programme to enable user companies to reach the same level of excellence as their PLM staff.

The amount of Professsional PLM material is growing all the time.  Go to the web site to read:-

  • the arguments for and against PLM professionalism;
  • an outline of PLM roles, and how the various roles and grades might map to each other;
  • a breakdown of the geographical and industry-wide endorsements for the LinkedIn posts;
  • details of how to join the Steering Group;
  • deliverables and timings arising from the Roadmap;
  • results and conclusions from the Workshops and Networking Day;
  • Think Tanks on some of the immediate issues affecting PLM managers;
  • how to take part in the Professional PLM Initiative and get the new material as it is produced.

Visit the Professional PLM web site, or let us know your questions or views via .

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