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PLMIG Tools and Working Material




All of the material below can be obtained as a complete package via Individual Membership.



Specific sets of PLMIG working tools and standards can be purchased separately as below, covering the following subjects:-

It is also possible to purchase the highlights of the PLM Journal Back Catalogue which provides a general grounding for the PLM Manager in the most important PLM issues he or she will encounter.




PLM Justification


Project Justification Toolset   PLM Project Justification Toolset


The Handbook and its supporting toolset contain a neutral methodology to quantify the costs, benefits and commercial value of implementing PLM.  The toolset enables you to prove to the Board that PLM is worth doing for purely financial reasons.


€1500 / 1250 / $1750


The toolset includes all of the instruction documents and templates that are needed
to produce the final submission:-

A purchase form can be requested via .





PLM Delivery


PLM Delivery Handbook   PLM Delivery Handbook


The PLM Delivery Handbook takes the PLM Justification to a new level, enabling vendors and advisors to collaborate in the process and commit to achieving the results.
   The fact that all parties have calculated the target benefits and can endorse them is a major boost to project success.


€1000 / 900 / $1000


A purchase form can be requested via .





PLM Governance


PLM Governance Standard   PLM Governance Standard


The PLM Governance Standard enables the Board of a company to ensure that there is an effective management and governance structure for PLM, that enables the Board to fulfil its role in directing PLM activities.


€200 / 175 / $225


A purchase form can be requested via .





Board-Level Awareness


CEO Briefing Document   CEO Briefing Document


The CEO Briefing Document for PLM is a specialist tool for educating senior directors and VPs about the PLM context.
   The Document provides a rapid, tailored explanation of the relevance of PLM to the business, increasing the impact of your presentation or project submission.


€200 / 175 / $225


A purchase form can be requested via .





PLM and ERP Integration


PLMuERP Handbook   PLMuERP Toolset


The Handbook and its supporting toolset contain the definitive, neutral methodology for best practice in PLM-ERP integration. The approach is based on 'PLMuERP' - the 'Union' of PLM and ERP - that builds an optimised product management operation across the whole lifecycle.


€500 / 450 / $525


The toolset includes all of the instruction documents that are needed to understand
and create the integrated environment:-

A purchase form can be requested via .





Assessment and Benchmarking


This set of three tools enables the PLM Team to carry out a detailed, quantitative evaluation and comparison of PLM development within the company; and also of the whole implementation with that of a partner organisation.

  Self-Assessment Toolkit   Self-Assessment Toolkit


Carry out an internal comparison of different parts of the PLM implementation, or conduct a comprehensive, high-level assessment of the entire PLM setup.


€500 / 450 / $525


  Benchmarking Handbook   Benchmarking Handbook


Benchmark your PLM performance to position it against that of other companies. Conduct PLM benchmarks, internally or with external partners, at any desired level.


€500 / 450 / $525


  Maturity Manual   Maturity Manual


Assess the maturity of a PLM implementation. Reveal the 'Full Maturity' future state and the roadmaps of how to get there.


€500 / 450 / $525


These three tools can be purchased as a set for €1000 / 900 / $1050.  A purchase form can be requested via .





PLM-ALM Integration


PLM Governance Standard   PLM-SCM Guidebook


In 2005 a PLMIG Workshop in Gothenburg produced this Guidebook explaining the theory and methodology of managing data for products that contain both hardware and software. Even though 'SCM' is now known as 'ALM', the logic is still accurate, practical and effective.


€175 / 150 / $190


A purchase form can be requested via .





PLM Journal Set


A compilation of the most important issues of the PLM Journal, covering the most significant areas of new knowledge developed by the PLMIG over the past ten years:-

is available for €275 (or 250, $300).

A purchase form can be requested via .

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