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Interactive Support from the PLMIG


Focused Support

PLM is a complex subject, and every organisation is different in PLM terms.  Sometimes problems can be solved only when the context is fully understood.

If your PLM environment needs some specific external input, the PLMIG can offer support in three areas:-



Executive Buy-In: Enables the PLM Team to embed PLM into senior management thinking and planning.




Formal Status Review: A structured examination of the current PLM situation leading to written results and optimised planning.




Mentoring: Showing the PLM Manager how to understand and deal with current issues, and decide the future course of action.



All three options are based on the targeted application of PLMIG principles and methods to deliver documented and actionable results.


Full Recovery


For a comprehensive improvement package that covers the whole PLM implementation, there is a structured PLM Recovery process.


Find Out More


Follow the links above to find out more details about each option.  Although the structure is constant, the targets and work programme are always specific to the company concerned, and this will need a preparatory discussion.

You can arrange this, or ask about other support requirements you may have, via .

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