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Advanced PLM implementations aim to integrate PLM into the wider areas of the global enterprise, which raises the challenge to a higher and more complex level. Corporate Membership provides the structure, metricisation and planning support that is needed if PLM is to become transformational.

Corporate Membership of the PLMIG provides ongoing on-site support for companies that are implementing PLM; and licensing and support for vendors, integrators and consultancies that wish to leverage the PLMIG material within their customer or client base.

The PLMIG provides the only neutral, international standards and toolsets for PLM Best Practice.  Corporate Membership equips the PLM Team with the material and support to maximise the permeation and traction of their PLM implementation - from operational to Board level, and across the extended enterprise.


Corporate Membership


Corporate Membership acts on an enterprise scale, using the PLMIG tools and methodologies to ensure that company-wide PLM performance is at its maximum.

One of the greatest difficulties for a corporate implementation is to ensure that the Vision, planning, and technical adoption have 100% harmonisation, and 100% reach throughout the global enterprise.

The PLM Team faces a huge task to achieve this in the face of challenges such as massive product ranges; separate divisions; locations in many countries; legacy technologies and ways of working; and limited senior management attention.

For user companies, Corporate Membership instils best practice and governance into the ongoing implementation programme, improving awareness, scope and traction, and setting up the path to advanced financial management.

For vendors, integrators and consultancies, Corporate Membership enables the PLMIG toolsets to be adopted, published and applied worldwide, either in the original format or embodied within their own Sales, Marketing and Consulting services.

Corporate Membership allows you to work interactively with the PLMIG at an organisational level, including:-

  • latest tools and follow-on results from the PLM Delivery initiative
  • active support for PLM metricisation to Prove that PLM Works
  • on-site assistance in applying the PLMIG Toolsets
  • monitoring and support of PLM strategy and planning, towards Advanced Financial Management
  • independent guidance on roadmapping to Full PLM Maturity
  • free participation in PLMIG events
  • annual review of the direction and planning of the PLMIG

Full Corporate Membership provides support for all PLMIG-related improvement projects within the 12-month timeframe.


How to Apply

Corporate Membership operates on a rolling 12-month basis. The current annual fee is €45000 / 39000 / $49500.

For more information contact Roger Tempest at

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