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PLMuERP Handbook


The PLMuERP Handbook is the definitive, neutral working manual for international PLMuERP best practice.

The Handbook embodies a new approach that transforms 'PLM-ERP' into 'PLMuERP' - the 'Union' of PLM and ERP.

No longer are we talking about fixing a split between two computer platforms by using some kind of "interface sticking plaster". We are now working on the basis of a union between PLM and ERP in which everyone feels part of the same team, and works towards the same goals by following the same plans.


PLMuERP Handbook


Produced by 18 participants from 6 countries during a 3-workshop series, the Handbook embodies a flexible, open, and industry-independent methodology that can be implemented at any desired level, in any kind of company.


The Handbook is supported by three supplementary documents that provide both a high-level overview, and additional elements of detailed theory.





Table of Contents
  1. Executive Summary
  2. Handbook Background
  3. Definitions
  4. Overview of PLMuERP
  5. PLMuERP Fundamentals
  6. PLMuERP Management Techniques
  7. PLMuERP Technical Areas
  8. How to Apply the Handbook

See the full Table of Contents >>>

The scope, detail and accuracy of the Handbook is unmatched, and is the result of the intensive working and feedback process.  For the first time, there is a clear explanation of how the optimised PLMuERP environment should be structured and managed.  The Handbook explains the facts, and equips its users with the tools and techniques to achieve long-term, fully-effective enterprise product management.


Supporting Documents


To complement the PLMuERP technical detail, the Handbook comes with three supporting documents:-


Main Benefits of Use


  • Avoid reinventing the wheel. The Handbook already exists, and was developed by experienced users, consultants, and three of the leading PLM vendors.
  • Save time. The Handbook took several months to develop. You can start using it immediately.
  • Build on industry knowledge. The Handbook was developed by people experienced in PLM and ERP. Benefit from their input.
  • Add your own experience. Users of the Version 3.0 Handbook during 2013 will liaise with the PLMIG, and will define the improvements that will be embodied in Version 4.0 at the end of the year.
  • Follow an industry standard. As the only neutral reference manual on this subject area, the Handbook methodology is likely to become a de-facto standard.
  • Standard, but customisable. The Handbook can be used 'as-is' in all industries, but you can customise it to your particular circumstances if that is what you need.
  • A common communication tool. Using the Handbook makes it easy to work with customers, suppliers, vendors or advisers who are also using the Handbook - same approach, same language.
  • Neutral. The Handbook provides a neutral unbiased view of PLMuERP in a world full of proprietary and legacy systems.


How to Obtain the Handbook


The PLMuERP Handbook, PLMuERP Primer and Data Management Manual can be purchased as a self-contained Toolset from the Store.

Alternatively they are part of the full set of PLMIG material provided as part of PLMIG Membership.

You can request more information via .

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