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PLMIG Membership Categories


There are three categories of PLMIG Membership, designed to enable companies and individual practitioners to benefit from the PLMIG initiatives and working material.



Individual Membership

Individual Membership of the PLMIG provides the full set of PLM tools and PLM Journal issues, and keeps you up to date and involved with the new developments in the 2019 Programme:-

            Individual Membership


Bespoke Membership


For organisations or individuals that wish to work with the PLMIG on a specific subject, or within a specific timeframe, there is:-

            Bespoke Membership


Corporate Membership

Organisations that are applying PLM on a truly corporate or global scale can embody PLMIG best practices and metrics within their implementation via:-

            Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership enables collaboration with other member companies via the PLM Standardisation and the PLM Financial Framework initiatives; fast-track results from the PLM Delivery workshop series; worldwide licensing of PLMIG handbooks and toolsets; and on-site PLMIG support for your own implementations.


Scope of Membership

PLM is not limited just to engineering and manufacturing organisations - it applies to any organisation that trades on a commercial basis.  Membership of the PLMIG is open to individuals and companies from all industry sectors : discrete manufacturing ; process ; CPG ; pharmaceutical ; petrochemical ; building and construction ; financial ; service ; developers of PLM and related technologies, vendors and distributors ; system integrators ; consultants ; research institutes ; industry associations ; standardisation bodies ; government agencies ; academia.

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