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PLM Handbook for SMEs


Small and medium-sized businesses generate at least 25%-30% of private sector output in most industrial countries.  In Italy, almost 95% of industrial companies have less than 150 employees.  This made the PLMIG Workshop in Milan in September 2011 the ideal platform to review how the PLM industry serves this sector.


The Workshop showed that a completely new approach is needed.  It has always been assumed that PLM implementation for SMEs is somehow a "stripped down" version of what larger companies apply, and that that it is simply a matter of buying cheaper software and making it work.

This completely overlooks factors such as management style, commercial drivers, ability to adapt and reliance on staff performance that are the particular strengths and vulnerabilities of smaller companies.

  Q3 2011 PLMJ


The group in Milan focused on the real world of SMEs, and applied PLM from this viewpoint. The result is the PLM Handbook for SMEs, which sets out a practical PLM methodology that is designed from the SME point of view.

The Handbook has been published as the Q3 2011 PLM Journal, and is available via PLMIG Membership.

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